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Start a new film talk

wants others from the community to contribute their own film talks to the discussion. If you are interested in doing this, the primary requirement (aside from having a modicum of writing skill) is that you’re aligned with the particular goals of the film talks.

It’s a good idea to first participate in the discussion by adding comments and perspectives to some of the existing film talks. This will give you a better feel for the angle on film. Also, it would be good to be sure you’ve read through all of the principles to gain greater depth on why film talks are directed as they are.

If you're ready to start your own new film talks, here's the process:

  1. Send an email to me that (1) says a little about yourself, (2) describes your interest in doing film talks, and (3) says a few words about films that you want write on. Use this email address:
  2. I'll take a peek at what you'd like to do, as well as the contributions you've made to existing film talks. We may chat back and forth a bit.
  3. If it seems like there's a good fit, we'll (1) get a little bio together that can let folks know who you are and (2) set up your login with additional capabilities on the site.
  4. You pick a film and write at least "before viewing" and "after viewing" talks for it, plus a "backstory" talk, if you wish. You will do this through the link on the site, which will now have authoring functions enabled.
  5. Your drafts will not go directly up on the site. I'll take a look, just to be sure they are aligned with what is doing. In addition, there are technical things that must be done to each post before it goes live to ensure that it is linked in properly with other content on the site.
  6. Then, I'll release the talks to the site, and the community will have more to talk about.

The idea with all of this is to keep the discussion on track with the unique type of film discussion that aims to foster. If you're goals are aligned with those, it really should be a pretty straightforward process. I hope you'll consider contributing — more voices are better!

Randy Heffner

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