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Stay up on new film talks

If you’d like to be notified of the latest new film talks on , you can receive updates via RSS (most common) or Atom. You may sign-up to be notified of new film talks and also new comments on film talks (as well as comments on other web pages on the site). If you’re new to web site “feeds” (as RSS and Atom are called), they’re free and often identified by this icon: . There’s more information about feeds and how to get set up provided here.

Suggestions on what to subscribe to

To keep up with new film talks as they are added, subscribe to both “Quick talks” and “Before viewing” talks. Before signing up for “After viewing” and “Backstory” film talks, consider that they will have spoilers (and often don’t make sense unless you’ve seen the film).

When a film really impacts you, subscribe to comments on the film’s “After viewing” talk (and the “Backstory” talk, if there is one for the film).

If you like talking about most any film, subscribe to the feed for all comments. The full list of feeds is provided below.

Subscribing to feeds

feeds are free. There are four main ways to subscribe:

  1. Each page has special identifiers, recognizable by some web browsers and feed readers, that make feed subscriptions available through the browser’s feed icon. This provides easy access to feeds relevant to that page or else to a general feed for “Quick talks” and “Before viewing” film talks. Use your browser or reader to subscribe.
  2. Toward the bottom, most pages have feed icons for both RSS and for Atom. In some browsers, clicking the icon will provide an option for subscribing. Otherwise, you can right-click the icon, select “copy link” or “copy shortcut” (or the like) and paste the address into your reader’s subscribe function.
  3. For most pages on the site, particularly for film talk pages, you can copy the page address and, as you paste it in your reader’s subscribe function, add “/feed” for RSS or “/feed/atom” for Atom.
  4. The list of available feeds below provides live feed icons for the site-wide feeds, along with feed addresses which you can select-and-copy.

feeds available

Here are all the feeds that makes available. For “site wide” feeds, the full feed addresses are provided. For feeds particular to a given film or web page, the pattern of the address is indicated with “ALL CAPS” showing the part that varies from page to page.

  • New “Quick talks”:
  • New “Before viewing” film talks:
  • All new film talks (quick, before, after, backstory):
  • New “After viewing” film talks:
  • New “Backstory” film talks:
  • New comments on all film talks and web pages:
  • New comments on an individual film talk:
  • YEAR / TITLE-TALK /feed
    YEAR / TITLE-TALK /feed/atom
    • note: "YEAR" is when the talk was opened, not the year of the film. So, for the "Smoke Signals" before talk it would be …2009/smoke-signals-before…

  • New comments on an individual web page:
  • PAGE /feed
    PAGE /feed/atom

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