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Film Talks Tagged ‘Oscar best picture roundup’

Oscar 2010: Best Picture Roundup   
(Before viewing)

by Randy Heffner — February 25, 2010

All ten of the 2010 Oscar Best Picture nominees are worth seeing, but for some, I recommend watching them only for specific reasons or under certain conditions. Three rise above the lot as particularly excellent films — …more »»

Oscar 2011: Best Picture Roundup   
(Before viewing)

by Randy Heffner — February 5, 2011

Oscar 2011 has a superb set of ten Best Picture nominees. Aside from certain content awareness advisories for most of the films, I can, without reservation, say that all ten are are worth seeing. This means that there are really none of them that are …more »»

Oscar 2012: Best Picture Roundup   
(Before viewing)

by Randy Heffner — February 9, 2012

All nine Oscar 2012 Best Picture nominations are strong thematically, exploring important questions of the heart. Most are also very well made, and I had to struggle to keep my top tier list small. To the concerns of some conservative viewers, who complain …more »»

Oscar 2013: Best Picture Roundup   
(Before viewing)

by Randy Heffner — January 25, 2013

2013’s Oscar nominations are a diverse set

It’s a quite diverse collection of films that the Academy has singled out for Oscar 2013 Best Picture nomination. Only two are similar enough in their style, theme, and content to feel like they might fit into the same category: …more »»