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Why is registration required? Spam. Simply put: Spam. Like you, I still haven’t figured out how spammers justify their intrusions, But anyway they are a part of life we must deal with.

Joining the community is easy: To , all you have to do is:

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Registering allows you to join into the discussion by adding your thoughts, reactions, and comments in reply to a film talk. Your first comment will be held pending review, but after that, nearly all comments will be immediately visible on the site.

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Please join! aims for a particular type of discussion about film — talk about impact on us more so than film critique. General film critique is a good thing, but there are plenty of places available for conversations about general film critique. aims for a more focused discussion, wherein film critique supports conversation about how a film enriched and changed us. Jump in. Say how a film struck you and changed you.

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