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Film Talks opened in:  2012

Lincoln (2012)   
(Before viewing)

by Randy Heffner — December 11, 2012

Lucky for us, Steven Spielberg’s holiday offering for 2012, Lincoln, is much more worthy than last year’s War Horse. This time around, the single best part of the film is Daniel Day-Lewis’ portrayal of the man, in which …more »»

The Loneliest Planet (2011)   
(Before viewing)

by Randy Heffner — December 29, 2012

With grace, beauty, tenderness, and most of all subtlety — extreme subtlety — The Loneliest Planet tells an intimate story of love and character. Unhurried and sensually rich, the film …more »»

The Master (2012)   
(Before viewing)

by Randy Heffner — October 27, 2012

With The Master, P.T. Anderson continues his series of insightful and biting explorations of our struggle to find life and meaning. Its storytelling and filmcraft are outstanding, but even more to the Anderson’s credit, the film’s nuanced questions are woven …more »»

Midnight in Paris (2011)   
(Before viewing)

by Randy Heffner — January 31, 2012

As is Woody Allen’s tendency with his films, the delightful Midnight in Paris is definitely about something. This time it’s nostalgia. Also like many of his films, which lean heavily toward having characters tell you what the film is about, so does this one — but somehow, it doesn’t come off as overbearing as usual. And that is …more »»

Moneyball (2011)   
(Before viewing)

by Randy Heffner — February 3, 2012

As an underdog tale of courage and risk-taking, Moneyball succeeds very well. Even more, it succeeds as an exploration of loyalty and self-interest. Being set in the “national pastime” world of baseball lends the film some popular intrigue, and being loosely based on …more »»

Monumental (2012)   
(Before viewing)

by Randy Heffner — March 29, 2012

Monumental is a well-produced call-to-action documentary about recovering the foundational strengths of the United States republic. I applaud its major points, but I wish it had been more inclusive. Don’t get me wrong: …more »»

Moonrise Kingdom (2012)   
(Before viewing)

by Randy Heffner — September 9, 2012

With Moonrise Kingdom’s quirky, crazy story and demeanor, director Wes Anderson delivers an emotionally rich and wry exploration of relationships. Even better, …more »»

October Baby (2011)   
(Before viewing)

by Randy Heffner — March 26, 2012

Who wants you? Who cares if you exist? What are they willing to endure for your existence? October Baby puts such questions into sharp, life-and-death focus. Even more, the film turns the questions …more »»

Silver Linings Playbook (2012)   
(Before viewing)

by Randy Heffner — December 15, 2012

Off-beat, witty, and creatively dysfunctional, Silver Linings Playbook explores the craziness that underlies our lives. Whether it’s obsessive attachments or odd superstitions or poor social skills or …more »»

Things We Lost in the Fire (2007)   
(Before viewing)

by Randy Heffner — November 10, 2012

With depth and unblinking intensity, Things We Lost in the Fire explores human connection, dependency, love, selflessness, and jealousy, focused in the aftermath of a tragic death. The main characters’ pain, mixed motivations, and confused needs intertwine, …more »»

Things We Lost in the Fire (2007)   
(After viewing)

by Randy Heffner — November 10, 2012

After seeing Things We Lost in the Fire, I want to live a deeper and truer love, one based more in freedom than satisfaction. Of course, we know that not everything called love is, in fact, real love, but compared to a typical film, Fire explores …more »»

War Horse (2011)   
(Before viewing)

by Randy Heffner — January 28, 2012

About the story in War Horse, a strict realist would say, “Yeah, right. How likely is that?” I hold to the old adage “truth is stranger than fiction” — or even Jack Johnson’s “fact and fiction work as a team.” But, I do have reservations about the …more »»