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Art+Spirit: The Power of Art

by Randy Heffner

On October 11, 2011, I gave a talk as part of the Art+Spirit creative forum. For those who missed it or wanted to listen again, you may download the slides and an mp3 of the talk from the links below. Also, I provided Amazon links to the books that I had with me that night, plus a couple of others. Hope it helps.


  • Slides (1 MB): right-click and “save link/file” or similar
  • Handout (26 KB): right-click and “save link/file” or similar
  • Talk (24 MB): right-click and “save link/file” or similar

Book links

Of the lot, these are the top ones I recommend:

Others, in no particular order. Although some of these are more focused on writing, in general their discussions of art are more broadly applicable (though examples may be of writing rather than visual or performing art):


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